Withdrawal Lock Casinos and How it Works

Withdrawal Lock Casinos

Do you have the tendency to cancel your withdrawal at a casino ?. Good news ahead. Some casinos offer you a chance to lock your withdrawal.

When you reverse a withdrawal of your winnings in an online casino it most often can result loosing your winnings. But there is a way to resist the urge to reverse your withdrawal.

It can be hard to resist sometimes the urge to reverse a withdrawal back to your casino balance and play more spins with the goal to win more. The outcome can in most cases be that you loose your winnings as you would want to win more and more.

There are three ways through which you can overcome the urge to reverse a withdrawal which are not limited to the following:

  • Control the urge;
  • Verify your Account early;
  • Lock Withdrawal

The third way is the withdrawal lock tool which we will review lastly for how it works and how it can help you.

Control the Urge to Reverse:

One way would be for you to control your urge and to just avoid reversing the withdrawal by focusing on something else. Maybe take a break and go for a walk away from your desktop and leave your mobile phone home so that any connection to the games will be far away.

Verify your Account:

Another way would be for you to provide the required documents to verify your account upfront. This usually would entail providing the online casino with relevant KYC (i.e Identification Document and Proof of address documents) so that your withdrawal would be processed faster.

But even if the documents have been provided upfront the casino might still require some time to process your withdrawal before sending it to your account. Most casinos will have a 24 hour pending period during which time the withdrawal is being processed and the game play is being checked.

How does Lock Withdrawal Work ?

But then there is a third option which is one way to control your urges to gamble your hard earned winnings. A rather systemic option which will disallow you from reversing your withdrawal and playing it all.

SlotsMillion is one of the only casinos that has developed what is called a “Lock Withdrawal” function which basically will lock your withdrawal and disallow you from hitting on the cancel button and reversing it. If you have selected this option, neither you neither the casinos customer service is able to cancel the withdrawal.

This means that your withdrawal is locked until the point when the funds have been sent to your payment method. Be sure to read more about SlotsMillion  as they surely do have more to offer to you as a player.

Withdrawal Lock is Socially Responsible:

What is worth to mention that is the option to lock your withdrawal is a social responsibility tool which strives to protect you as a player. Especially when it comes to controlling the urge to cancel the funds and playing the winnings away.

Casinos that have this feature as part of their services are in our eyes gaining an extra kudos since they try to create a safe environment for gamblers. After all, it is good knowing that loosing sometimes the control of your urges can be to some extent protected by such features.