Which Slot Machines Pay the Best ?

Which Slot Machines Pay the Best ?

Which slot machines pay the best? This is one of the first questions that you might have when you registered an account in an online casino – or enter a land based casino. No matter if you are an experienced gambler or a novice the question as to which slots payout the best always surfaces when searching through the variety of slot games in a casino.

This article, will provide answers to the question of which slot machines pay the best and provide information as to how you can – identify – find them. The variety of slot machines available is huge especially with the ever increasing portfolio of slots developed by game providers. So knowing how to identify the slot machines which pay the best in an online or land based casino comes handy.

What are Slot Machine Payout Percentages?

Slot machine payout percentage is an important feature to be aware if you wish to identify which slot machines pay the best. When we say payout percentages on slot machines we mean the average amount of money that will be returned to the player in the form of winnings relative to the amount that was wagered. This does not mean that the payout percentage guarantees to you an amount that you will loose in one session or even 50-100 game sessions. The reason is that the payout percentage is the average amount of money that will be returned to the player relative to the amount wagered. The keyword in this explanation is average. But in general the more spins or wagers you make the better are the chances that the final results will be a lot closer to the machines payout percentages.

The Higher Percentage the Better

The higher the payout percentage of a slot machine the better the slot machine since it will be favouring you as a player in the long run. Knowing what it is is the first step in finding the slot machines which pay the best. Just keep in mind that, the payout percentage of a slot machine is based on the average amount of money that will be returned. So be aware not to expect definitely to win right away or loose right away, since it can be that the game awards you a hefty win at any time. The random factor will be discussed at a later stage in the article in more detail.

How to find the payout percentage?

To find the payout percentage of a slot machine is really simple, though there are some differences between slots as to the location of the information. But in either case the information can be found via a simple click from the game. It is nowadays rare for the information not to be presented on the game but even such a case, it can still be found.

To find the payout percentage of a slot machine you will first need to load an slot machine, if you are in an online casino environment.  Once the game has loaded you can find the payout percentage either in the game’s paytable or in the game rules information. If you are trying to locate the payout percentage at the paytable, it will usually be at the last page of the paytable. Similarly, in case you cannot find the information about the game’s payout percentage in the paytable area, you can find it through the game rules section.

Where to Find the Payout Percentage

Nowadays all slot machines will have the game’s payout percentage mentioned on either the paytable of the game rules section. But in some rare instances it might be that some slot games do not provide information about a game’s payout percentage.  This is nothing to worry about as the information can still be found via other means quite easily again. If you ever hit on such a instance, then you have 3 ways to find the information, all still couple clicks away to be found.

Game Providers Page: If a specific slot does not mention the game’s payout percentage, then you can find the payout percentage via the game providers page. Some game providers started posting and updating more information about their slots on their webpages. So if you have loaded a slot by Netent, Microgaming, Big Time Gaming, Endorphina, Yggdrasil you can even visit their website to find the information.

Google Search: By doing a google search about a specific game’s payout percentage or return to player (RTP), you will get search results that will include information about the game’s payout percentage.

Try the Casino Support Service: Least but not least, if you have an account with an online casino, you are in luck as you can use their customer support service to get answers in regards of a game’s payout percentage. You can either join a respective casinos live chat or send an email and ask to receive answers for a game’s payout percentage.

Payout Percentage Vs Return To Player:

On your journey in an online casino, you will also quite often come across the term return to player (RTP). This basically means exactly the same thing as the payout percentage which is the average amount that will be returned to the player in the form of winnings relative to the amount that was wagered. If you come across it just be aware that it is exactly the same thing and it is just the name that changed.

Bare in mind that a slot machines payout percentage or RTP is shown as a percentage on the games. This percentage shows you in theory what is the percentage that will be returned to a player over time.  For example, if you see that a slot machine has an RTP value of 96% it basically means over time you will be getting 96% back in the form of winnings. Below you will find a more clearer example as to how this plays out.

  • Say the slot machine that you chose has an RTP of 96%
  • And say you deposit and wager each week a total of 100EUR over the course of a year.
  • This means that on average, the slot machine should in theory be returning to you 96% in the form of winnings.

Be aware that the payout percentage or otherwise RTP is not a value that you are assured to get after say 10, 100, 1000 or so spins. The percentage is based on a statistical average and since it is based on an average, the larger the sample size (spins) the closer the results would be to the RTP.

House Edge and Payout percentage

On your search for the slot machines that payout the best you need to also familiarise yourself with the term house edge. The term house edge is actually the same thing as payout percentage or otherwise RTP. House edge basically is the casinos statistical advantage. For example, a slot machine with a payout percentage of 95% has a house edge of 5%.

As is the case for the payout percentage in which case it is an average  amount of money that will be returned to the player over time, the 5% is similarly an average value. The payout percentage including also the house edge value varies from one game to another and it varies even between bets. But across thousands of spins over time the payout percentage and similarly the house edge will be closer to the values presented on the game. So in the above example if you made thousand of spins across time the payout percentage would be 95% and the house edge would be 5%.

Slot Machine Variance and Volatility:

Another feature that you ought to pay attention when searching for which slot machines payout the best is the variance or otherwise called volatility. When the topic is about variance we basically mean to the payout frequency of a slot machine. Or in simple terms how often a slot machine will payout wins.

If you are seeking for the best payout slot machines, then familiarising with this feature is advised as it can give you the gaming experience that you might be seeing. There are three types of variance starting from low to high .

3 Types of Variance:

Low Variance slot games: When you come across low variance slot games, you will notice that these have high payout frequency albeit the payout amounts are usually small. This is not to say that these do not have big wins but you would usually land small payouts.

Medium Variance Slot Games: If you find a medium variance slot game, you would notice that you can land wins fairly frequently but you will instead be usually landing a combination of small wins and larger.

High Variance Slot Games: Playing on high variance slot games you will most likely experience a big number of dead spins (no wins) but when you finally win, the payouts will be huge.

You should know that most slot games do not mention the volatility of a game neither in the paytable of the game rules were you would typically find the payout percentage. This is not to say that this applies to all slot machines but most of them do not mention it. If it cannot be found through the game, you might be able to find it mentioned on the game developers website but that is not for sure.

Another way to find out or gauge the volatility of a slot is to try say a good number of spins – 200 – and see how often you would land winning combinations. You do not really need to play the slots for real to test it but to insead try them on the demo mode. All online casinos, allow you to practice your skills on slots by playing the game for free without making real wagers. This is a good way to test the game and identify the game’s volatility type.

5 Best Payout Slot Machines:

Below you will find some of slot machines that we consider that pay the best payouts. Amongst them, you will find some of the most popular titles that are mostly played and which have a payout percentage of 95% and above. We mention the game’s volatility were we can but you will notice that some of them do not have it mentioned. The reason for not mentioning the volatility on some slots is that it is either not mention on the game or in the game developers website.

If the volatility is not mentioned, you could even give them a good number of spins in practice mode and try identify the volatility type. After all the volatility type depends on each player’s preferences in regards of the frequency of wins and the amounts of wins.

Gonzo’s Quest Slot Game:

On of the most popular slot games in online casinos is Gonzo’s Quest by Netent and this game is actually a cascading reels slot with a 96% payout percentage.

It is a 5-reel, 3-row with 20 paylines slot game in which each time you form a winning combination you increase the game’s multiplier by 1X. The volatility type of the game as described by the game providers site is mid/high. This means that you would be expecting fairly frequent wins with small and larger wins and or even a big number of dead spins or huge wins.

 9K Yeti Slot Game By Yggdrasil:

9K Yeti is a 6-reel, 4096 ways slot game with re-triggering snowstorm free spins, Wild substitutions and a 97% payout percentage. On top of these amazing features the game’s volatility type is “high”.

So when you are playing the game, you will notice that you might experience a big number of dead sins (no wins) but when you finally win, the payouts can be huge.

Dead of Alive By Netent

Dead or Alive is another well known slot game developed by Netent. It features wild substitutions, multiplier wins, free spins and bonuses.

The game has a payout percentage of 96.82% which can serve you well in terms of getting most out of payouts. Be aware the the game’s volatility is high which means that you will most likely experience a big number of dead spins but when you finally win, the payouts will be huge.

Blood Moon Wilds by Yggdrasil

Blood moon wilds is a 5-reel, 3-row and 20 lines slot game featuring a Lunar Calendar, Random Feature, Free spins which certainly will entertain you. It is a game with a payout percentage of 96.2% and a volatility level low/medium.

The game has a good level of a payout percentage based on the payout percentage it offers and the game’s volatility seem to signal that it would be likely be awarded big more often combinations of small and large wins.

Arthur’s Fortune Slot Game By Yggdrasil:

Arthur’s Fortune is a 5-reel, 3-row with 20 lines slot game featuring Wild substitutions, Arthur’s Gold feature, free spins and Merlins Bonus game. It has a payout percentage of 96.2% which gives you good chances in terms of payouts.

The games volatility type is “high” so during your gaming you might experience long droughts of no wins but when you finally win the amount could be huge.