What is online casino gamification ?

what is online casino gamification

Gamification in online casinos simply means making casino games more fun, engaging via the use of video popular gaming elements and features – gamification. The word gamification sounds pretty scientific right? In reality is something much more simple, which is what were are going to explore in this article.

In this article we will go over what gamification means and how it is applied by online casinos. We will specifically talk about some of the most popular gamification techniques and features that online casinos apply to provide a more engaging gaming experience for the players.

What Does Gamification Mean?

This overtly scientific word – gamification – basically means the use of video gaming elements in what is traditionally not considered part of the video gaming domain. Some video gaming elements for example would include stage progression, leaderboards.

Now what is was traditionally part of the video gaming domain, is now seen appearing in the domain of online casinos. Who would have thought right? So now you see also online casinos tournaments with leaderboards, casinos with stage progressions and much more. All these elements come to the rescue in providing a new kind of a gaming experience relative to the standard online casinos experience of the past.

Online casinos adapting to gamification techniques are not just about login in on your casino account, playing on slots and then login off. Instead modern online casinos come packing with gamification features such as competing in tournaments, defeating a level boss, collection of loyalty points to progress. And on top you get more rewards by playing in online casinos nowadays relative to what you received as part of your gaming experience in the past.

Why proceed with Casino Gamification?

There are a few reasons why casino gamification was much needed and which reasons relate to increased competition between online casinos, evolution of gaming technology but also player needs.

Over the years more and more online casinos started popping up online like mushrooms. There are literally hundreds of online casinos now on the cyberspace and its only natural that each would want to differentiate its product or the experience that it sought to provide so as to capture new players. Gamification of online casinos offered the chance to many operators to differentiate the experience that they wish to provide to their player’s and make them more likely to appear to players.

As the number of online casinos operating online increased over time, this was met with the evolution of gaming technology. Year by year, a new generation of player’s is accustomed to better and faster games, games with better graphics and casinos which are compatible across all devices. Modern casino players in essence more demanding and seek to gain much more from their gaming experience in order to feel satisfied. This is where gamification comes to play as part of the process of revolutionising the gaming experience that casino operators offer.

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Gamification Techniques and Features:

Casino gamification is addition to the evolution of technology which strives in an alternative way feed the needs of the modern casino players.  This means that while casinos strive to offer the best technologically possible games to their players, they additional strive to take this further by applying gamification features and elements.

You might have already come across some gamification elements in various casinos without being aware of them but which we hope to cover in this section. Casinos such as Omnislots, Casino Heros, PlayOJO, Drueckglueck and many others are only some of the few that have successfully applied gamification features.

Tournament Leaderboards:

Tournament leaderboards is an element of gamification which is quite popular across online casinos. It is an element that was traditionally part of video gaming platforms which has now become also part of casinos and the gaming experience these provide. Tournaments could for example include a prize such as a car or a trip to an exotic destination for which the more points you gather through wagers, the higher you rank on the leaderboard.

Casinos with gamification leaderboards would require that you play on specific slot games in your pursuit to win the grand prize but the better you to the higher the score you get on the leaderboard. The higher you rank on the leaderboard, the higher the chance for you to win the grand prize. Just like playing on video games but the difference being that you need to wager on casino games and on top, you get the chance to win great rewards.

Casino Gamification and Loyalty Points:

Loyalty points is one the most most traditional gamification features which online casinos have had since the early days – casinos with vip point system. The principle is again quite simple, the more you wager, the more points you gather which will increase your VIP status in the casino and which comes with great rewards. For example, for every 10EUR that you wager on the games, you receive 1 loyalty point and the more loyalty points you gather the greater the rewards. Rewards could include better cashback bonuses, higher withdrawal limits, a personal account manager and much more.

Mission Based Accomplishments:

Another popular type of gamification in online casinos is to apply mission based accomplishments for players such as a requirement to complete a task. In some casinos you get the chance to play the games with a purpose to progress in an adventure and defeat a boss in order to reap rewards. An example of a online casino with great successful mission based platform is Casino Heroes. When you start playing for real money in casino heroes, you get the chance to embark on a legendary adventure across 3 islands. You progress by playing for real money and at the end of each region you face a boss which to defeat you need to pick a box with rubies, free spins, weapons, health or a boss. All these tools can be used to defeat the boss and assist you progress and complete the missions. A truly fantastic experience filled with great rewards.

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Gamification Casinos Vs Traditional Casinos:

Gamification gives more to a modern player and provides the opportunity to improve your experience in online casinos. Though sometimes playing at a traditional casino that is void of gamification features might be calming, gamification casinos offer more opportunities for rewards. The more you play at casino with gamification elements, the more rewards such as bonuses, free spins, cash and much more you receive.

Due to the high returns in terms of different kind of rewards in gamification casinos, your gaming experience can also be extended but also improved. The more rewards you get – free spins, bonuses – the more you get to play on your favourite games. And on top you even get the chance to gain a new found casino experience such as by paying on casinos with mission based accomplishments.

This does not mean that traditional casinos that you can simply login to your account, play on some slots and then logout are not nice to play. But relative to the traditional online casinos, online casinos with gamification elements have much more to offer and can even be said coming with much greater rewards and better user experience.

Should you Register to Gamification Online Casinos:

The answer the question as to if it is worth it registering at a gamification online casino the answer in brief is yes. To which type of a casino you register is basically related to the experience that you wish to gain. If you are a simple guy or woman looking for some good old gaming, then a casino with no gamification features might be worth having a look.

But if you are a player who is on the look for a new kind of a experience with an extra added excitement, gamification online casinos might be your next stop. To this end, we would definitely suggest you find a top online casino such as Casino Heroes, Omnislots, Fruits4Real, Bitstarz etc.