This Privacy Policy sets out the data processing practices carried out by NonStickyBonuses.

At NonStickyBonuses we respect our visitors privacy and this policy has been written with the intention to transparently inform our visitors what data is collected, why it is collected and how it is used.

The Types of Information that is being Collected:

NonStickyBonuses collects only non-personal Information. This type of information cannot be used to identify a data subject and is gathered when you visit the site. Such information includes usage information and technical information that is transmitted by your device. Specifically, this includes certain software and hardware information such as which browser is being used, operating system, access time, domain name from which you linked to the site and IP.

Any of the above information cannot be used to identify a data subject and therefore is un-identifiable.

How and Why the Information is being collected:

The information is being collected when you visit the site through your device.  It allows to capture the behavior of our visitors such as which pages they visit on the site or were they linked from.

Information gathered includes IP address, operating system, browser in use and also as mentioned above pages visited on the site. This is done for the purpose of improving our visitors experience allowing for creating content most relevant to your interests.

Cookie Section:

What are cookies:

Cookies are text files used to recognize your device upon visiting the site and are used for bettering the functioning of the site and to improve visitor experience. These are used to assist in loading times and assists in understanding visitor preferences.

To do this, cookies gather un-identifiable information when you use the site. This information consists of certain software and hardware information, browser being used, operating system, access time, domain name from which you linked to the site and IP. These can be chosen to be rejected either individually or in general through your browser settings. When you enter the site you will be made aware of this via a banner. If after that you continue using the site without making any adjustments, the cookies will be used as set out below.

The following section will provide a summary of the main points of why cookies are used and their purpose and how you can switch off different types of cookies.

 Cookie categories that are used:

  • Necessary: These cookies do not gather any information about you or your activity on the internet and the site. These are rather used to guarantee the performance of the site such as pages loading time.
  • Performance: This type of cookie collects information about your use of the site. This includes the pages visited on the site and were you linked from. These cookies collect un-identifiable information and are therefore anonymous and are only used to help in improving your experience by measuring visitor interests. Cookies as such that are used are associated with google analytics so the previous section above is relevant.

How to Control Cookies:   

Internet browsers allow you to see what cookies you have and are being used. You can also delete them individually or you can delete all of them. The options can be usually found through the options of your browser. This stands of all the most commonly used browsers such as the ones below:

  • Google Chrome through cookie settings
  • Firefox through cookie settings
  • Safari through cookie settings
  • Internet Explorer through cookie settings

Google Analytics:

We use google Analytics to keep track of user browsing patterns/behavior and to offer the best experience for you. Google Analytics uses cookies which allows for customers usage of the site to be analyzed.

In case you do not wish Google Analytics to gather data about you then you can also opt out from it by following the link below. Opting out is applied only to the browser you make the choice from. In case you use different browsers, you will need to opt out in each one by following the instructions on the link below.