List of Slots with Bonus Feature

List of Slots with Bonus Feature

No need to wager for a long time until you trigger the bonus on slots. We have compiled a list of slot games where you can buy the bonus or else slots with bonus buy. You might have wondered if this was even possible some years ago, but with all this modernisation on slots, bonus buy slots have also been widely made available.

On of the first slots that was introduced to the gaming industry having this bonus buy option was the White Rabbit game by Bit Time Gaming, which was released in 2017. It was introduced as the feature drop option which basically gives you the option as a player to buy the bonus on slots.

Not all sot games offer you the chance to buy the bonus but there is a selected few that give you this option. So the purpose of this article is to provide information on the slot games where you can buy bonus and also provide a quick list of slots s so that you can find the right away.

How Do Bonus Buy Slots Work ?

Bonus buy slots work in the same way as all other slots with a minor difference being that you can buy in to the bonus round. This means, that you can spin the reels as usual, land winning combinations, trigger free spins and bonuses by landing the required symbols but there is one difference. You can use your existing balance to buy in to the bonus round.

Say you are spinning the reels of the slot game Extra Chilli by Big Time Gaming and you have a balance of 100EUR. Based on the betting amount that you have set on the game, you can buy the game’s free spins at a specific price. In the game extra Chilli you can buy 8 free spins and as an extra feature, once you buy the free spins, the game gives you the option gamble them to win up to 24 free spins. If you would be playing on the game Owl of Athena by Betsoft, you could hit the buy button and buy yourself a batch of free spins at a predefined price which is based on your bet level.

As you gather so far, entering the bonus round on slot games where you can buy bonus is way more easier than triggering the bonus round by wagering. When you natural place bets on the games it can take sometime until you land the required game symbols to trigger the free spins round. But when the game has a bonus buy feature, you can buy the slot game feature at any moment as long as you have a remaining balance.

Where to Find Games where you can buy Bonus:

Nearly all online casino operators have at least one or more slot game providers that have slots with feature drop and on which slots you can buy the bonus. And quite many of the game providers in the gaming industry have made it a plan to offer this option on their slots.

Online casinos  that would offer one or more slot game providers offering the bonus buy feature include the following.

List of Bonus Buy Slots:

As is the case with most online casinos which offer at least one game provider featuring slots with bonus buy, so is the case with slot game providers. Slot game providers have basically made available the option to purchase a bonus at least on one or more slots they develop.

So considering the number of game providers that are available in online casinos, usually one slot if not more slots from a game provider offers a bonus buy option. Some of the most notable game providers that offer bonus buy options on at least one of their slots include the following. So below you can find a list of some of the greatest bonus buy slots, that you can play online and one top casino operators.

Bonus Buy Slot Games & The UKGC:

When searching for slot games where you can buy bonus on, you also need to review if playing on them is firstly legal. In brief this would depend from which jurisdiction you are playing from.

If you are playing from UK for example, then you should be aware as a casino operator and as a player that all game providers were ordered to remove this feature. But this is in regards of the UK or else if you are a citizen of the United Kingdom and you are playing in that jurisdiction.

This is not the case yet for the rest of the world’s jurisdictions, so if you are playing from outside of UK you can still enjoy this feature on slots. Though this has not been echoed in other jurisdictions, it could be that this decision by the UK Gambling Commission influences also other jurisdictions to follow en suit with a similar approach.

Are Bonus Buy Features Worth It:

You might be thinking if it is really worth it to search for slot games where you can buy a bonus via the feature. In short it really is worth it, in that you would not need to place many bets before triggering the bonus round. You can basically just buy the feature and enter the bonus game to try your luck.

In essence it is worth many times your betting amount since with one simple transaction, you can just buy the bonus of the game. On the other hand, just because the bonus feature was bought, it does not mean that you do not have the chance to also loose or have the bonus round filled with dead spins. Its not fun to buy the feature, cut way and then just enter a bonus round were  you are faced with loads of dead spins.

The choice is basically yours and this means, you would need to consider what is the reason that you would wish to buy the feature. If you are a risk taker, then this might be something that you would like and if you are a person that likes to experience the bonus games it might again be worth it. But if you have high hopes on just winning, it might be better to evaluate if bying a feature which can have dead spins is worth it.