How to recover lost money in Online Casino ?

How to recover lost money in Online Casino

A pretty big number of people end up at some point when gambling figuring ways on how to recover lost money in casino. Mostly due to that at some point they end up  saying that I lost all my money at the casino. This happens quite often with players at both online and land-based casinos. It happens in general in quite a lot at the gambling industry.

If you are a person who ends up at points, figuring ways to recover lost money, then read further on some advises that we would suggest following. The following casinos have the best RTP% to players on their games and on which you can also claim quite a rewarding bonus on your first deposit.

I lost My Money At the Casino: What are the reasons ?

Quite many players will come to a point in which they will realise that they lost money at the casino which they were not comfortable in loosing. But they might also come to a point in which they will say “I lost all my money at the casino”. Consequently, they will try figure out how to recover lost money in casino. Some will have no idea on what they can do in this case but understanding why you lost money that you are not comfortable loosing is important. It is important so as to understand what can be done. Some of the common reasons for example could be due to the following:

What are the Reasons?

You might have picked the wrong games: Not all games have the same winning chances since all casino games have their own RTP which basically shows what you could expect to loose in the long run. The RTP value is usually shown as a percentage. For example if a game has an RTP value of 95% then this would mean that for every 100EUR played you would apparently expect to loose 5EUR max in the long run. So in this case maybe picking a game that has a high RTP this would hopefully limit your losses in the long run.

Card Games might have been a been a better option: Card games have a log better RTP rates that for example slot games. Blackjack for example has an RTP of 99% which would mean that in the long run, you would have lost 1EUR. But bear in mind that these percentages are measured in multiple rounds and thousand of spins when it comes to slot games.

Bear in mind that the RTP values are measured in multiple rounds or thousand of spins when it comes to slot games and the RTP values are expected to be true in the long run. There would be losses in the short-run but at least the RTP values can help in this case finding ways to limit the losses in the long run.

Loosing Money Might Be a Sig to Learn to Manage your Bank Roll:

Even if you pick the right games in a hope to minimise the losses it can still be that you end up loosing money. This is why an important concept to learn in gambling, is managing your bankroll.Many gamblers fall trap to what some call the gamblers fallacy, in which you would believe your luck will change on the next bet or spin. So they end up placing bets in the belief that they luck will turn but in the end it just doesn’t turn. There is no fact that can prove this to be true and it just depends on your luck.

If you have continued placing bets in the hope that your luck will turn, the most likely you have also fallen victim of this fallacy. The only actual fact in this case, is that you have lost a lot of money at the casino. Money that you were uncomfortable loosing for the simple reason that you did not leave the table or left the slot game. It would be instead better to know when to leave the table or the game and not to play more than your gambling budget allows.

Will a Casino Give you your money Back ?

So far we have visited on some usual reasons for why you would end up to a conclusion that you have lost money at casino that you feel uncomfortable with. Or otherwise to a situation in which you would say I lost all my money at the casino.

But how to recover lost money at casino if this is even possible ? Is it even possible that casinos will return played money back. Or is there a trick on how you can recover lost money at casino ? Simply put there is no way to get money lost at casino for just being unlucky on the games. After all placing bets is about taking risks and you risk your funds in order to play games of chance.

A Myth for Recovering Money Lost in Casino:

There is a myth that you can make chargeback to recover money lost at casino. Usually this is something popular among online casino players that use Credit Cards to deposit funds on their casino account. What they basically do is to make a deposit and if they loose money at the online casino, they would make a chargeback and get back the funds lost. This does not really work though, as this can be applied only when you purchase goods or service which the provider failed to deliver. Having this in mind, it is obvious that it cannot really be applied to casino losses so if you have lost money at casino, this will not work for you. After all the reason why you registered an account with the casino is to play on games of chance. And if you have lost, is due to your luck and on top you had a chance to play on the games which is the service you purchased to be provided with.

How to Cope With Money Lost at Casino ?

As you might have noticed, there is no-one that can really tell you how to recover lost money at an online or land-based casino. The best that you can do, is to find ways to limit losses and keep gambling, as a fun activity. As previously mentioned, this includes to take a breaks when gambling or to manage your bankroll which are in brief explained below.

Ways to Cope With Gambling Loss:

Take a break from gambling: When you realise that you have lost money at casino that you do not feel comfortable with, maybe it is time to take a break. Think if you are playing too much or if you are playing the right games so as to limit gambling losses.

Manage your Bankroll: If you have lost money at casino that you are not comfortable with all end up quite often saying that I have lost all my money at the casino, maybe regulate your budget. Set for example a budget aside which is meant only for gambling purposes. Once this is lost then you know that you would not play more. In case you are playing usually around 200EUR and you think its too much try setting a budget of 100EUR . After all, limiting your budge, it will limit your losses. Placing more bets in the hopes that your luck will change could end up with you loosing all your money and have  losses that you are not comfortable with.

Loosing Money at Casino can even be an Opportunity:

What you might have noticed is that there is no answer in regards on how to recover lost money at casino. And this is not all bad since losses are bound to happen when gambling. After all you risk funds in the hope that you will win, but winning is based on luck.

Furthermore, loosing money at casino can even be an opportunity for you to manage your gaming. A move to keep gambling a fun activity. It might be that you need to change approach when selecting what games to play, manage your bankroll and know when to take a break. Loosing money at casino can be an opportunity for you to learn how to limit losses so that you can keep gambling a fun activity.