How to Beat Casino Wagering Requirements

how to beat Casino wagering requirements

Landing here, means that you wish to know how to beat casino wagering requirements? If that is true, then you are in the right place. Wagering requirements are after all something that will come across during your gambling at an online casino when you use deposit bonuses. In brief it is the total wager amount that you need to complete, which is the requirement.

You might prefer to play slot games or you might prefer sports betting or even live casino. On either of these gambling activities you will always come across wagering requirements if you like using deposit bonuses.

What you need to know About Wagering?

When you claim a casino bonus, be it a welcome bonusno deposit bonus or in general any type of a casino bonus, it will come with wagering requirements. Most experienced players will have noticed by now, that in the past online casinos where more generous with their casino bonuses. Nowadays casinos are not so generous even when it comes to the wagering requirements.

The bonuses that are nowadays on offer by online casinos are instead less generous and have more challenging wagering requirements that you need to complete before withdrawing. The reason is that online operators nowadays are seeing and increase in taxes, costs and massive fines so they strive to apply harder to complete wagering requirements to making harder for players to withdraw winnings.

In the end wagering requirements are logical, especially for businesses such as online casinos which have an interest in making a profit. When players loose money, it means that the casino is making a profit and making wagering requirements harder to complete, it contributes to that logic. But it does not mean that there are no ways on how to beat casino wagering requirements.

What are Wagering Requirements and how do they Work?

A wagering requirement is basically a number of time, you as a player need to wager the bonus money before being able to withdraw your winnings. These are actually terms, that quite many players in online casinos do not read and instead start playing right away. This is not suggested as it can actually put you at risk of breaking bonus terms and having your winnings forfeited or otherwise voided.

Bear in mind that bonuses over the years have developed and we also notice that there are two different types of casino bonuses that you can receive, such as non sticky bonus and sticky bonus. Both have wagering requirements that you need to complete, but there are differences to their bonus structure, which the article will review at a later point in more detail.

How to calculate Wagering Requirements?

In order to understand how to beat casino wagering requirements you should understand how the wagering requirements work. By this, we mean how to calculate the wagering requirement that you need to complete, prior to requesting a withdrawal.

Let’s say a new online casino gets your attention and you decide to sign up with them. You notice that they have a juicy casino bonus offer offering 100% up to 100EUR with a 35X wagering requirements. Below you will learn how this will translate when you calculate the wagering requirements that you need to complete.

Example: 100EUR (Casino bonus) X 35 (Wagering Requirements = 3500EUR. For this example, you will need to wager 3500EUR prior to making a withdrawal request.

But how the wagering gets applied depending on bonus structure, is different as it depends on the casino bonus type that you claimed at a casino. This we will explain on the next section in more detail.

Wagering Requirements and Different Bonus Types:

The wagering requirement as you have noticed on the previous section is derived from the following formula.

(Bonus Amount) X (Multiplier)

But how the wagering requirements apply to you, will also depend on the bonus type that you claim That is it will be applied different if you claim a sticky bonus relative to a non sticky bonus.

Sticky Bonus: 100EUR (casino bonus) X 35 (Wagering Requirements = 3500EUR. If it is a sticky bonus, then deposit and bonus balance are locked and they both contribute to wagering requirements.

Non sticky Bonus: 100EUR (casino bonus) x 35 (Wagering requirements) = 3500EUR. If you claim a non sticky bonus, the deposit balance and bonus balance are separate. This means that you start contributing to wagering requirements, once you start playing with the casino bonus balance.

What are Wager free casino bonus offers:

This is not something common, but some casinos at least saw that there is value in giving wager free casino bonus offers in the form of free spins. These usually come in the form of free spins, in which case you receive say 50 free spins, set at a default value per spin and which does not require that you complete any wagering requirements.

So say you have gained winnings from the free spins, you would be able to withdraw your winnings right away, without completing any wagering requirements. Only restriction when it comes to free spins is that most casinos will at least in such cases have a max withdrawal limit. This means that you would be able to withdraw an X amount of your winnings derived from free spins and the rest would be forfeited.

Do your Research and pick the right casino:

One advise that you should always have in mind then selecting a casino to sign up wit is to make sure that the casino is licensed by a gaming authority such as Malta Gaming Authority or Curacao Gaming Authority. Have a look at the following to find a a licensed casinos, licensed by the respective gaming authority.

A licensed casino adheres to laws and regulations which assure that the services are legit and trustworthy.

The good thing for you is that, you don’t have to worry about it since all online casinos that are listed on our site are licensed and secure to play at. On all online casinos listed on our site, you will notice on the bottom of their site a license insignia signalling that they are licensed and regulated.

Best Way on How to Beat Wagering Requirements?

There is no set way on how to beat casino wagering requirements but there are some approaches that you can take which can result in you being able to beat the wagering requirements.

One way for example would be to win an amount that is an X times your stake. For example, landing wins that are 200, 300, 400 times your bet amount will increase your chances of beating the wagering requirements of a bonus. Such wins can be achieved in high variance slot games. This could be of much help if the wagering requirements of a casino bonus are high and smaller wins would not be much of help.

Alternatively, you could even stick to low variance slot games in which case you would have more frequent wins, albeit of smaller amount. This might assist you in being able to contribute to the wagering requirements successfully and ultimately beat the wagering requirements. But bear in mind that, winnings in lower variance slot games would be smaller and it might not end up being much of help to complete the wagering requirements after all.

If you play a casino bonus, if you wish to increase your chances in beating the wagering requirements, it might be a good idea to stick to playing on slots. The reason is that most casinos have a 100% weighting on slots, whilst on other games (i.e tables games, live games) will count 10%. A bet on 1EUR on slots will count 100% which equals 1EUR contribution, whilst on table and live games it would be 10% which equals to 0.10EUR contribution. So you see the reasoning in this concept.

Can you Avoid Wagering Requirements ?

Yes, you could avoid wagering requirements by simply making a deposit and choosing not to claim a casino bonus. But this is not really recommended, especially since the bonus comes with some benefits, despite its constrains. That is if you are a player that likes casino bonuses in general.

Though a casino bonus might seem coming with constrains, in the form of wagering requirements, a casino bonus is also a way to boost your bankroll and extent your game play. Depositing 100EUR for a 100% casino bonus, means that you get 100EUR which is your deposit and 100EUR bonus money as part of the promotion. This means that you would have 200EUR that you can play on your favourite slot games giving you more time to enjoy the games.

Future of Wagering Requirements:

No one really knows that the future would be for wagering requirements but one thing is for certain. Online casinos multiply and so does the competition. This means that casinos will strive to find innovative way to acquire new players so there is definitely an interest innovate. This thirst for innovation, might indeed lead online casinos to find new ways on which in essence can bring about a new way through which casinos apply the wagering requirements. This could even mean, finding new ways on how to beat casino wagering requirements.

Find Low Wagering Requirements Bonuses:

The higher a casino’s wagering requirements, you can say that it might be harder for you to complete the wagering requirements. But then again if you have some knowledge or pointers on how to beat casino wagering requirements you might achieve completing bonuses with higher wagering requirements.

But if there is an option to make beating the wagering requirements of a casino bonus easier, then this would be more easily achieved by claiming bonuses with low wagering requirements. This could boost your bankroll, twofold or even threefold but it would still be easier for you to beat the wagering requirements.