Slot games are basically quite simple to play on since there is no skill involved. You simply need to hit the spin button and hope that luck is on your side and form winning combinations with matching symbols.

Despite their simplicity though, it is always advisable to know about slots and the usual features that they offer to players. This after  all will make your gaming experience more enjoyable and more fun. So this article is not exactly a guide on how to play them but a guide on what to kind of expect in general to find on slots. Some will even search slots specifically based on their game features, so we hope this article will help them as well on their journey.

Scatter Symbols:

As with other slot symbols that randomly land on the reels, such is the case with scatter symbols. Scatter symbols can trigger a payout, bonus rounds such as free spins and depending on the slot game jackpot prizes. Scatters are quite common at least on modern slots which feature some type of a bonus game.

Wild Symbols:

Wild symbols on slots have the ability to substitute for other game symbols – taking their place – and assist you in forming winning combinations. For example, if a game requires that you land 3 matching symbols to form a winning combination, the wild symbols can take the place of one of the symbols.

Wild symbols have also undergone quite a bit of change over the years and have even acquired new abilities beyond merely substituting for other symbols. You can for example come across Expanding Wilds, Walking Wild, Multiplier Wilds etc.

Bonus Games:

Bonus games are basically a a game that takes place outside of the games base game where you take your usual spinning reel. A bonus game can take different forms such as free spins, pick me up bonus, and even a simple gamble feature game in which you get the chance to play against a dealer for a chance to double your payout.

Types of Slot Games:

Coupled with the variety of features that slot symbols have acquired over the years, the types of slots have also varied. Below you can read brief snippets as to the most common types of slots games out there which will be also updated as time goes by.

Mechanical Slots:

Mechanical slots are slot machines which run without electricity. These are not anymore being operated at land based casinos or in any casino for that matter. They are more of a collectors item nowadays and worth quite a bit.

Classic Slots:

Classic slots in general have 3 reels and a small number of paylines usually 1 payline. These are not as fun as their modern counterparts and are rather dull. But if you do not mind spinning on classics or ganing a great gaming experience, you can still find them.

Fruit Machines:

Fruit machines or fruit slots are basically one of the same and these simply refer to slots that are themed around fruits. In fact, the earliest slot games used symbols styled after fruits such as apples, bananas, cherries, strawberries, melos, grapes, lemons etc.

Modern slots in general have grown out of this phenomenon but it has not totally died out. There are some game providers that still develop fruit slots but these are not as popular as they one were.

Video Slots:

Video slots are basically all modern slots that are played online through a computer device, mobile or any electronic device for that matter. If the slot game does not depend on mechanical reels, the game can then be considered a video slot.

3D Slots:

3D slots are slot games that feature 3D images, graphics and sounds and are mostly a phenomenon of online casinos relative to land based casinos.

Themed Slots:

Slots are basically themed around specific topics and when someone makes a reference to themed slots it can be of any theme. Some popular themes for slots can be Christmas, Halloween, Carnival, Fruits, Animals, Monsters, Summer season, Asian themed, Egyptian and many other themes.

Slot Game Providers:

Coupled with the variety of slot types that you can come across at online casinos is the variety of slot game providers. There are literally hundreds of them battling in a fiercely competitive environment in which constantly developing high quality slots is a must.

Some of the most popular game providers include but are not limited to Netent, Microgaming, Big Time Gaming, Yggdrasil, Betsoft, Amatic, Aristocrat, Ash Gaming, Endorphina, Elk Studios and others.