To play slots at online casinos does not require any special skills in the sense that knowing the game rules will not increase your chances at winning. Or decrease your chances at winning for that matter.

Playing slots is therefore pretty simple, you click on a slot game of your choice and once it loads and have selected your betting amount you hit the spin button. The reels spin and if you land matching symbols on a payline you form a winning combination and are rewarded with a payout.

Though no skills are required to play slots it is always useful to know more about the game as it can contribute to your gaming experience and make your gaming experience more thrilling. After all playing slots is all about the entertainment and there is no right or wrong way of playing slots. So lets start with what is minimally required to play on slots.

Random Number Generator:

An important thing to understand about slots is that the outcomes are random and are generated through the random number generator. The random number generator on which slots operate under generates random results which are shown at the reels as symbols. In essence knowing whole loads about a slot game does not increase or decrease your chances at winning on slot games.

Making a Deposit:

First you will need to choose a casino with which you will need to register an account with and make your first deposit. Or if you do not wish to make a deposit yet, you can still try some free slots by playing on demo mode. The latter is usually an advisable approach since you will get to know the casino and the games prior to making a deposit and playing with real money.

Loading the Game:

Once you have identified a slot game that you wish to play on at an online casino or you hae made deposit, you simply need to click on the play for real option. The games real money mode then will load or you will be re-directed to make a deposit so that you can continue on the real money mode accordingly.

Once the game has loaded for you the task is really simple and it is the same if you seek to play the slot game on real money mode or fun mode. Your task is simply to hit the spin button of the game.

Selecting your Bet Amount:

Once the slot game has loaded for you, you need to select the amount that you wish to wager. This can range from as low as 0.02EUR up to 200EUR per spin depending on the slot game that you choose to play at. Once you decide the amount that you wish to wager, you set it to the preferred amount and hit the spin button.

Read the Games Paytable:

Reading the games paytable is not a must but it is highly advisable as you get to learn about all the game features of a specific slot. Not reading a slots paytable you might not be aware of the rewards of landing specific matching symbols. Each slot game is different in this regard and offers different rewards for landing matching symbols.

Another benefit of reading the paytable is to be aware if the game offers features that you are looking for such as Wild substitutions, bonus games, free spins, scatters etc. Some games might have them but some others might not have them. A game’s paytable offers valuable information about the game’s symbols, rewards and features.

Wilds Symbols:

Some slots might have wild symbols but yet some others might not have wild symbols. A slots paytable can inform you of the game’s symbols including wild symbols if these are available. A wild symbol has the ability to substitute for other game symbols and assist you in forming winning combinations to boost your bank roll.

Scatter Symbols:

Scatter symbols have the ability to pay out a reward, trigger a bonus game such as a pick me up bonus, free spins or even award a jackpot prize. For example, in some slots landing 3 scatter symbols could trigger a number of free spins that you can play with the betting amount that triggered them. This can be 5, 10, 15 free spins and it will always depend on the game rules which can all be found at a slot games paytable.

Slot Game Paylines:

Slot games differ from one other in terms of the paylines that they offer. Some might have 1 payline and these can range up to 1043 ways to win. Some will have fixed paylines in which case you will not be able to reduce or increase the number of paylines bu some others allow you to increase or decrease their number. Knowing this can greatly assist you on how to play slots at online casinos. If the game offers you the option to increase or reduce the number of paylines you will notice a minus and plus sign usually on the bottom left side of the slot – where the payline number is mentioned.