Free slot games are basically slots that you can play for free without risking any money. These can be found at online casinos and it is a specific function of an online slot game which allow you to play a game on demo mode.

You simply hover over a slot game, click on play for fun or demo mode and start spinning the game as you would if you have made a deposit. This is a nice feature to be enabled at online casinos which can allow you to try a game out, learn about the game features or even just pass time.

Free Spins in Online Casinos:

Another way to get a chance to play free slots is to find out a casino that offers a free spins promotion. The only restriction is that the casino often makes available a free spin promotion on a game of their choosing. The game can be a chosen game or quite often again a new game that they wish to promote to their players.

Some casinos in order to acquire new players, they offer free spins for simply registering with them, again on a selected slot game. There is no risk in this case for you since to get these free spins, no deposit was needed and the cool part is that you get to keep your winning.

Be aware though that there might be restrictions on free spins for signing up depending on the casino. One such restriction for example is how much you can withdraw from the free spins. Another common restriction is that you would have to play them in a certain timeframe before they expire.

Free Slot Tournaments Online:

In some online casinos, you can even stumble on free slot game tournaments. Basically having made a deposit for example a week before, would simply qualify you for a ticket to the tournament which can bring you rewards.

Free Slots or Real Money Slots:

It is not to everyones taste to play slots but the cool part is that online casinos offer you the chance to at least play free slots to try them out. This will help you determine if playing slots is something that you would like and decide to risk money for. This can even be dependent of the slot game that you played. Try couple free slot games before making a choice to play slots for real money, so that you would be aware of the risks.

Even if you decide to transition and decide play real money slots, online casinos give you the chance to play on slots with pretty low denominations. For example, you could spin on slots that allow you to bet as low as 0.10EUR making a deposit of 20EUR be worthwhile for gaming experience.

Granted that with a bet of 0.10EUR per spin you will not be winning the same amounts as another player who wagers 10EUR per spin but who knows. You might even hit couple good wins, increase your betsize and further boost your bankroll. After all it is all about having some good luck.

Another benefit of playing with real money is that you can get yourself larger signup bonuses relative to the ones you get when you do not make a deposit. The most common deposit bonus that you can get for signing up is one where you receive a percentage of your deposited amount back to your bankroll as a bonus.

Types of free Slot Games:

Did you know that alongside the different types of casino games there are also different types of free slots that you can play with. The list can be quite long but below you will find the most popular types of free slots that you can pay at online casinos.

3-reel slots:

3 reel slots are what one might say the classic or traditional type of slot. Relative to the modern slots that can be played free at online casinos, these have a smaller number fo paylines but offer better payback percentages. They tend to me also slightly simpler and one might say a bit more dull than the modern slots.

5-Reel Slots:

5-reel slots games as the name suggests have more reels and also have multiple paylines that you can form winnings combinations on. They also come packing with more game features than the classic ones such as wilds, scatter symbols and also include free spins and bonus games that can bring you reat rewards.

Video Slots:

Video slots is what you would call all the available slots at online casinos. It is a name used by default to describe slots that are played on devices such as computers, mobiles etc. Note that the name video slots also refers to 3 reel slots as well.

3D Slots:

When you hear the name 3d slots it basically means slots that that have 3d images and sound effects. You will notice that their graphics are crystal clear and the sounds would be quite mesmerising, both to the highest standards.

Themed Slots:

Themed slots are slots which are themed around a specific topic. This can be for any type of a slot, be it either a 3-reel, 5-reel or a slot having any number of reels. For example in the past slots were quite often themed around fruits but now these can be themed around anything. For example, a slot can be themed around Christmas, Halloween, Monsters, Wild West, Movie titles, Animals etc.