Can Online Casinos Ban you for Winning ?

can online casinos ban you for winning

The short answer to the question is yes, online casinos can ban you for winning but it also depends on what you mean by winning.

Most of the time the answer to this question you can find in the terms and conditions of an online casino. The button which quite many players hastily overlook and agree to have read and agree to the terms and conditions.

Most of the times, online casinos, do not ban you for winning when you gain winnings by playing normally and according to the terms and conditions. It is really rare, that a casino will simply ban you for winning when you play according to the terms, but know that this is also their legal right. We will go over latter instance later in this article.

We will review all these points in this article starting with basic information that you need to know, breaches of terms and conditions and their legal right to simply ban you.

Information You need to Know:

When you find an online casino and you decide to register an account, you will reach a point in which you will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the casino.

This is the part that quite many casino players hastily avoid and just click that they agree and complete the registration process. The information that the terms and conditions include is important to read as it is about the rules that you need to follow when playing on games of chance.

The information provides answers as to what happens when you win at the online casino when you did not follow the rules whilst playing. Reading them through, you get also answers to the question if casinos can ban you for winning.

Breach of Terms and Conditions:

When you breach the terms and conditions of an online casino which you agree when registering an account, is usually the most common reason for a casino refusing to pay out winnings to players.

The following are some some of the most common reasons for a casino to refuse to payout winnings;

  • Creation of Multiple Accounts;
  • Failing to Complete Verification of your Account;
  • Betting above the max allowed amount with Bonus;
  • Using Payment Methods not in your Name;
  • Placing Strategic Bets;

Creation of Multiple Accounts:

When you register an account at an online casino make sure that you have only one account with them. Having casino multiple accounts can result in the casino refusing to pay your winnings, void the winnings or even ban your account. Terms and Conditions of an online casino will usually state this somewhat in the following way.

“All customer offers are limited to one per person, family, household, address, email address, telephone number, same payment account number (e.q debit or credit card, neteller etc.) IP, and shared computer, e.q. public library or workplace.

This clause basically has the purpose to guard the casino from falling victim of an account holder trying abuse the bonus system. Creating multiple accounts in order to claim more bonuses is not allowed and it can have dire outcomes for you. It can even lead to an online casino banning you for winning this way.

Failing to Verify your Account:

Account holders at online casinos are required to complete at some point during their gaming experience a verification of their account details. The online casino states this requirement, in their terms and conditions and it is a requirement that they need to meet to meet their regulatory responsibilities. Specifically this is needed as part of the Anti Money Laundering Regulation (AML).

This will usually include statements informing players that they need to provide copies of documents to verify their personal details and payment details. Some of the usual documentation required include but are not limited to the following:

  • A valid Identification document such as National Identity Card, Passport Driving License;
  • Proof of the registered to your account address in the form of a Utility Bill or Bank statements;
  • Copies of payment methods used;
  • And other documents on a case by case basis;

Failing to provide the documentation to verify your account details, could lead the casino to refuse to pay your winnings and even ban your casino account.

Betting Above the Max Allowed Bonus Amount:

When claiming a bonus, a casino has specific rules when it comes to how much you are allowed to bet and what games you can play with the bonus.

You will usually find information on the terms letting you know that whilst playing with a bonus, the max allowed bet 5EUR or another X amount. Betting above this amount could lead the casino to refuse to pay your winnings, void them and or even ban your account. The latter action – to ban your account – could be though of as an action that a casino will take as a last resort if you continue not to comply.

Another statement that you might come across is that you are not to play on certain casino games, whilst playing with a bonus. These are what casinos phrase as restricted games and you are not supposed to play on them with a bonus. The list can include quite many slot games, table games, live casino games etc. The list of restricted games depends on the online casino so be sure to read over the terms and conditions. Playing on them whilst having a bonus can result in a casino to refuse paying your winnings or even banning your account in the end.

Payment Methods Not in Your Name:

Another reason in which a casino can ban you or refuse to pay your winnings,  would be if you are making deposits from an account that is not in your name. The terms and conditions that you agree to when registering an account, will usually have statements in the following lines.

“All deposits and withdrawal methods used must be in your name and legally belong to you, as must all funds deposited”

Say you make a deposit to your account, using a payment methods that belongs to a friend of yours, this would be a breach of this clause. The results could be considered a breach of the terms and conditions and can lead the casino to refuse paying your winnings or even banning your account.

Placing Strategic Bets:

During all your gaming activity at the online casino, you are informed via the terms and conditions not to use any strategic betting systems. This basically means that you are not to use a betting strategy to derive winnings.

An example of such as betting strategy, would be the well known Martingale strategic betting system. This usually entails of you playing on Roulette and doubling your losses which will late lead you to receive winnings that would be equal to your losses +1.

Example of Martingale:

For example, say you start playing on Roulette and you are to betting on red or black. In the following scenario for illustration purposes, we are betting only on red.

  • 1EUR on Red = Loss
  • 2EUR on Red = Loss
  • 4EUR on Red = Loss
  • 8EUR on Red = 16EUR win

On the above example you bet 1 + 2 + 4 which equal to 7EUR and you lost. Each time you lost, on the next bet your doubled your loss. So in essence you lost 7EUR on the first 3 bets that you lost your bets. On the last bet, you placed a bet of 8EUR (8EUR is double of 4EUR).

1 + 2 + 4 + 8 = 15EUR Loss

All bets are losses and they equal to 15EUR losses in this scenario. But the difference is that the last bet, brought you a win which equals 16EUR. This way, you basically managed to cover all losses 15EUR +1, gaining an advantage by making a profit – advantage play.

Using strategic betting systems such as Martingale is not allowed and is another instance that can lead an online casino to refuse to pay winnings or even ban your account.

For a casino to ban you for winnings via the above mentioned ways, is usually an extreme instances and usually other actions might be taken prior to this. Such actions would be to totally or partially void your winnings.

But this does not mean that the casino cannot also simply ban you for simply winning winning. They can and they have a legal right to ban you at any time and it is usually even mentioned on the terms that you accept up on registration of your account.

Online Casinos Can Ban you for Winning:

Though we previously mentioned that a casino is most likely to ban you when you play in a way that breaches their terms and conditions, they also have the right to ban you without an explanation.

You will usually find this clause along the lines that “X casino has the right to close the account at its own discretion and without an explanation”

So even if you play according to the terms and conditions, an online casino has the legal right to ban you, even for winning. In most cases though, this clause would not be applied and online casinos do not tend to mess with your winnings if you win them by playing normally.

But you should know that online casinos have the power to even ban you for winning, without an explanation.


Can online casinos ban you for winning ?

Technically they can as it is their legal right, but they do not really ban you for simply winning. Even though it is their legal right to ban you without an explanation, casinos do not tend to mess with your winnings unless you have breached the terms and conditions.

If you win by breaching a casino’s terms and conditions, it is more likely that a casino takes an action such as to void your winnings or partially void your winnings. It is only as an extreme measure that an online casino will ban your account in such a case.

Though a casino has the legal right to ban you without an explanation, this will simply not happen as casino’s tend to not mess with winnings earned by playing normally.