There are many myths surrounding the online casino scene and casinos in general. Some are grounded in some truth and some simply not – at least not anymore. In this article we will revisit some of the most popular online casino myths that exist and shed some light if some hold merit.

Online Casino Games Are Rigged:

One of the most popular complaints or one could say myths is that casino games are rigged. This is quite understandable as you cannot experience the game against the dealer as you would experience it in a live environment or in a physical environment at a slot machine. This leads many to hold the belief that the games are rigged so that these would favor the house.

The above mentioned complaint is unfounded since it is not really in the interest of online casinos to do this. Information about this could end up going viral and generate a bad reputation which would lead many players not to play again with them. To guard against these myths, game developers even audit their games via third parties to ensure to the public their realiability.

Online Gambling Produces more Underage Gamblers:

You will Never Get Paid if you are a Winner

There can very well come a point where a grundled gambler complaints for not getting paid his winnings by an online casino. This might be true in that particular guys situation, especially if he chose to play at a casino of questionable reputation or which is not licensed.

Casinos that are licensed are regulated and under the gaming license that they are required to operate in a fair manner, which is also the case when withdrawing your winnings. Usualy behind statements that you will not get paid if you are a winner could hide a story of a player who breached the casino’s terms and conditions. This is not to say that there are not some shady online casinos who will cheat, but at least on licensed online casinos this will not tend to be the case.

Online Gambling is more Addictive than Live Gambling:

Some can claim that online gambling are more addictive than live gambling which is another one of the myths that you hear. The reasons relate to the ease of accessing the online casino from the comfort of your home and from any device relative to a land based casino which you would have to make the effort to physically visit.

But in land based casinos you can really just step in, show your ID that you are not a minor and start playing. Basically you would not need to give thm information about yourself which would allow them to track your game play and proactively assis you. In contrast, online casinos can track every move you make at the games, frequency and volume of deposits, logins. This allows online casinos to be more proactive in controlling problem gambling behavior and stepping in early to guard against it.

On top, online casinos offer the opportunity for their players to even set limits on their casino accounts. The limits that you can set on your casino account inlclde, cool off periods, temporary breaks, deposit limits and even self exclusion,

Online Slots Pay out Differently depending on the time of the day:

The more you play, the more you will win:

Some players state the old saying of you have to be in it to win it. But this simply does not mean that playing casino games for longer periods of time will increase your likelihood of winning more. The house, meaning the casino has an edge and playing more does not necessarily mean that you are likely to win more. Given the house edge, the longern you lay the more likely is that you end up loosing money as the house always has an edge.

You will never earn a bonus:

Quite often players complain about how hard it is to earn bonuses from the casino and end up concluding that they are a scam. But this is not really true as online casinos strive to offer bonuses to players and it is in reality a strategy that they follow to both acquire new players and to incentivize players to deposit more.

Complaints about earning bonuses is hard usually is usually rooted around a claimed bonus which cannot be played on some specific games. For example, most online casinos offer bonuses but these can be played usually on slot games instead of table games like black jack. The reason is that a casino offering bonuses on black jack in the long run would loose too much. And most of the players who complaint about bonuses is due to that they do not read the terms and conditions but instead decide to skip them and therefore do not realize that the bonus can be played on some specific casino games.

Sometimes, actively depositing players are rewarded with free bonuses in the form of free spins or bonuns money for their loyalty. Not so actively depositing players can sometimes complaint about not receiving bonuses as often. But this is only fair since being rewarded with no deposit bonus money is based on a player’s activity. After all casinos are in the business to make money and not a charity and simply handing money for no reason is not in their interest.

You will win more when redeeming big welcome bonuses:

Another myth is that you will be able to win more when redeeming big welcome bonuses, which is not true. Yes a big welcome bonus would give you more money to play on the games and extend your game play, this does not meanthat you will be able to win more. After all when you claim a bonus, there are usually wagering requirements that you need to fulfill before making a withdrawal and sometimes, these can be quite high.

Imagine claiming a 100% up to 100EUR bonus with a deposit of 100EUR and with a wagering of 50X. This would meant that you will need to complete a wagering requirement equal to 100 bonus X 50 which is equal to 5000EUR. You will basically need to wager 5000EUR before being abnle to withdraw your funds which is quite a big amount. Not only this can be hard but along the way, it can most likely be the case that you loose your winnings or you will be able to win some money but to super high amounts. This is not to say that you cannot win greatly but it is kind of hard to complete the requirements.

But there are different types of bonuses which can be more fair to you as a player and give you more control when it comes to withdrawing any winnings. Non sticky bonuses for example are a great type of bonus which you can claim and which do not tie your real money to the wagering requirements. If you win with your real money and you have not yet started playing with the bonus money, you can basically forfeit the bonus and withdraw your winnings without issues.