There a myriads of stories online from people trying to tell you that online casinos are rogue and that you should be avoiding them.  But this is not true, at least not for the majority of online casinos operating in the cyberspace nowardays. This is not to say that there are no rogue casinos online but that the number of rogue online casinos reduced over the years.

Accusing the online casinos world in general to be all scammers is not a fair statement since the majority of the online casinos are nowadays are reputable. Despite this, it does not mean that scandals of rogue casinos do not exist but at least there are factors that you can have in mind in order to avoid registering with a rogue onlne casino. This article will navigate you through some of the factors that you can have in mind to avoid them.

What Makes a Casino Rogue in the first place?

Prior to moving ahead with the tips to avoid rogue online casinos lets first define some of the factors that come to define a casino as rogue. As previously mentioned, the internet is fulled with statements by players that a casino x is a rogue casino. At there route, such statements usually will relate to losses. For example, a disgruntled player who lost hundreds will start complaining that the casino is rogue due to that the games did not bring him any profit. This is simply a false accusation since the casino games are in essence designed with a house edge which will result in the casino making profits. Why else would casinos decide to start a casino business if not to make a profit.

But this does not mean that some casinos will not strive to scam players in some way. In order to identify a rogue online casino you can use some of the following factors.

  • Software that doesn’t play to the correct math;
  • False advertising in offers and promotions;
  • Slot Payouts;
  • No Payouts at all;
  • Removing money from players accounts;

Bad Game Software:

In the early days this was more prevalent but nowadays due to far greater oversight and regulation this is not the case anymore. The games are audited by third party auditing firms and gaming authorities require the game’s random number generator to be audited prior to being licensed.

False Advertising:

Online casinos have an interest to appeal to prospective players by offering huge bonuses with an amount that is just too good to be true. When a casino makes such an offer makes sure that the online casino has made an effort to explain in detail the promotions terms and conditions. If you notice that the promotional advert is missing information about the wagering requirement or the amount that you can withdraw from it, it might be a good idea to avoid claiming the offer. Rogue sites will strive to offer offers that are too good to be true in an effort to lure you in without a real chance of actually winning If you are lucky.

Slow Payouts:

Though there are withdrawal processing times at online casinos that can take 24 – 48 hours some casinos might stretch the timeframes. A site can do this in an effort to slow the payout in an effort to make you reverse your request and play your winnings back at the online casino. This does not really happen nowadays at the majority of online casinos, especially when the online casino is licensed by a reputable gaming authority.

Removal of Funds:


Some casino sites will have a generic line in their terms and conditions outlining their right to remove money from a player’s account if they feel that the player has broken any rules. Many rogue casinos will justify the removal of funds from a player’s account based on this line without even providing an actual reason for removing the funds. There have been many stories online from players who login into their account only to find their hard earned winningsn having disappeared. This does not happen at the majority of cases nowadays, due to that the online casinons are required to offer fair services to their players. But it would be good to always choose a licensed online casino and read the terms and conditions of an online casino to always be on the safe side.

What Can make a Casino Rogue:

There is not really a straightforward answer to this question, especially nowadays. Yes it can be true that an online casino operator could simply be owned by a criminal who set the business with the intention to rip players off or to launder funds. But these days that number is really small since software vendors and licensing authorities conduct due dillegence on their customers before being granted with a  gaming license.