Though online casinos cannot match live casinos on some aspects, the advantages of online casinos are quite many. These are also the reasons why the popularity of Online casinos has only grown since their inception. After all there are literally hundreds of casinos online on which you can play your favourite games.

There are a few factors on which online casinos cannot match live casinos but online casinos offer several of their own advantages to their players.  Below you will find of the most popular advantages of online casinos through which we recommend reading through. These will also help you choose if playing at an online casino is something that you would want.

Safe, Secure & Fair:

Playing at an online casino comes with concerns to many players, with the most common being safety and fairness. After all you are entrusting your funds and your gambling activity at an casino that operates online – on werbsite.

Though this is an understandable concern it is also not the reality. Most online casinos operate under gambling licenses which require casinos to ensure a safe and fair environment for their players. Casinos that are not trustworthy are in the minority and the easiest way to spot them out is by checking on the bottom of their site if they have a licence insignia and they are regulated. This can be found at the bottom of all online casinos.

The great part is that our site does not list any casinos that are not licensed, so you can be sure that all online casinos on our site have the advantage of being licensed. Most common gambling licenses include, Malta Gaming License and Curacao gaming license.

Convenient & Easy to Use:

Another and if not the biggest advantage of online casinos is the convenience of playing from the comfort of your home. There is no need to move away from your house or couch in order to have some good time on your favorite casino games.

To access them you only need a stable internet connection and a device such as computer, tablet of a smartphone. And as a cherry on top, online casinos operate 24/7 so you can basically play at any time of the day from the comfort of your home.

And if you hit a point in which need assistance with making a deposit or experience technical issues with the games, you can easily reach ou to the casino’s customer support service. Usual communication channels include live chat, email or even a telephone call.

Game Variety:

Another great advantage of online casinos is the game variety which can mean being able to play more than 3 thousands casino games. And this variety is accessible from any modern device as long as you have a stable internet connection. The game variety is usually much greater than the variety you would find in land based casinos.

But game variety is not a determining advantage for many players and this depends on the player itself. For players that like to try and play on different casino games, the variety of casino games might be seen as an advantage of online casinos.

Bonuses and Rewards:

An advantage of online casinos is also the abundance of bonuses that they offer to their players. You will not find an online casino that does not offer bonuses to players who make a deposit or even no deposit bonuses for players who are loyal.

In land based casinos you will usually come by rewards If you are considered a high roller and spend a lot. This does not have to be the case in online casinos, since an added advantage of online casinos is that they take care of their active players. Depending on your activity at the online casino, you most likely be rewarded at some point.

An extra added benefit of online casinos is that they can even offer different bonus types to their players. This is especially true when it comes to their ability to offer differing types of bonuses such as non sticky bonuses and sticky bonuses. In this case, non sticky bonus casinos which are casinos offering non sticky bonuses is one that give more benefits. More on this, later on in the article.

Variety of Payment Methods:

Coupled with the variety of casino games, online casinos have also an extra advantage of offering a larger variety of payment methods relative to land based casinos. In online casinos, you are able to conduct payments to and from your casino account via popular methods such as:

Neteler, Skrill, Paysafe, Ban Transfer, Neosurf, Klarna, Ecopayz, Bitcoin and many more.

Different Types of Bonus Offers:

As we previously mentioned, online casinos have an extra added advantage when it comes to live casinos, such as the ability to offer differing types of bonuses. This is beneficial for players since they can join an online casino offering a type of bonus that is of their choosing. They can choose to join an online casino offering non sticky bonuses or online casinos offering sticky bonuses. When it comes to choosing the most beneficial one, we would especially recommend choosing no sticky bonus casinos.

What are Non Sticky Bonus Online Casinos ?

Non sticky bonus online casinos, are basically casinos offering a non sticky bonus. What makes them great is that when you claim a bonus, your real money does not get tied to the wagering requirements. Therefore anything that you win before starting to play with your bonus balance, can be withdrawn without worries. You have more control over your gaming experience. These are the only types of online casinos that we list on our site and it is our sites minimum requirement.

What are Sticky Bonus Online Casinos ?

Sticky bonus online casinos are casinos offer a bonus which sticks your real money to wagering requirements. That is why these are called sticky bonuses. This basically means that when you claim a sticky bonus, you start contributing towards the wagering requirements from the moment you place your first bet with your real money. Both your real money and bonus money are tied to the wagering requirements which contrasts what non sticky bonus online casinos offer.